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About Us


The Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bag is the perfect solution for you pet parents!

The high-quality, plant based materials are non toxic and made from renewable resources.

So not only do they take care of your pup's waste but also mine too by donating profits to shelters throughout America - who doesn't love saving animals?

Eco dog friendly

These vegetable compounds contain no NASTY EPI ADDITIVES or polythene plastic, which is great for those who are eco-friendly.

The coarseness of the ground has an important effect as well: if it's too fine then organic material will pass right through without breaking down into water and Co2 while releasing harmful chemicals like gas emissions from a burning plant.

These healthy poop bags break down quickly thanks to their uniqueness in being free from genetically modified plant materials. They have ZERO Nasty Epi Additives so you can enjoy them guilt-free.

 Eco dog friendly

Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags are the perfect eco-friendly solution for pet owners who have any size dog or cat.

Made from premium thickness, our bag will hold up against even your most stubborn of pets' messes with ease.

Whether it be cleanup time after doggie daycare at home or cleaning out that messy litter box in between trips outside to go potty.

We've got you covered all around, specifically made just right so there's no need on switching back and forth when things get too full (like what happens sometimes).


COMPLETELY LEAK PROOF. We don't mess around when it comes to poop, which is why you can trust that our bags are leak-proof.


PACKAGING AND ROLL CORES MADE WITH RECYCLED MATERIAL. Reduce, re-use and recycle! The three Rs never looked so good.


UNSCENTED. Let's be real, no one likes the smell of poop (except maybe your doggy). Our unscented dog bags lock in that stank for good to protect your sniffer.

Eco dog friendly