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120 Bags, 8 Rolls Dog Poop Bag

Eco-Friendly Compostable Dog Poop Bag, Poop Bags for Dogs, Unscented Thick Leak-Proof Pet Waste Bag (120 Bags, 8 Rolls)
Eco-friendly dog poop bags are a must-have for responsible dog owners. Made with biodegradable and compostable materials, these bags are kind to the environment while still providing a strong and leak-proof barrier for dog waste.

The easy-to-use dispenser makes it simple to grab a bag and clean up after your furry friend on walks or in the backyard. Plus, the attractive and discreet design ensures that you can dispose of waste without drawing unwanted attention.

With our eco-friendly dog poop bags, you can enjoy peace of mind and a cleaner environment for you and your pup.
  • BAG POOP BETTER: 8.5”x12”: doggy bags keep your hands safe, and odor contained. More than enough capacity for large dogs! A customer recently said "I love these bags - much thicker than the ones you buy at the store."
  • ECO FRIENDLY FIRST, PROFIT SECOND: 540 premium pet poop bags are included in each order. A total of 36 rolls that each include 15 dog bags and a 100% leak-proof guarantee. We use recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores because details matter.
  • STRESS-FREE WALKS: Poop doesn't smell like roses: Our odor blocking unscented bags lock in that stank for good. Simple to open and tie securely so you can enjoy a stress-free walk with your best bud. No need to rush!
  • PAIR WITH DISPENSER: Each bag roll comfortably fits in your pocket, but customers prefer to pair Earth Rated bags with our leash dispenser. Quick and easy access make this an awesome duo! Let us do the heavy lifting while you tackle your walks in style.